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People are what make this Company great. We are pleased to have you as part of the working team at Shahzad Enterprises & Technologies. Our business units and corporate support functions all work together to produce good results for the entire Shahzad Enterprises & Technologies. Obviously we have a long-standing heritage of commitment to excellence, leadership and innovation. These are attributes that have served us well through more than 25 years of growth, and they will continue to serve us in the future. We believe that success for both the employee and the Company is determined by employees’ ability to produce quality products very efficiently. The higher the quality and the more efficiently products are produced, the higher the benefits for the Company and for all its personnel. Every person’s job is important, not only to their own success, but also to the success of every other person at Shahzad Enterprises & Technologies.

We urge all employees to look at their jobs objectively for opportunities to save work, cut out waste and improve quality. We welcome employee suggestions for improvement, wherever that may be. We are committed to Lean Manufacturing at all levels of SE&T, both in the factories as well as in the office. The principles of “lean” are woven all through our strategy, vision and values. We strongly encourage you to make thinking “lean” a way of life during your career here at SE&T. I hope that new employees find their work home at SE&T a happy one, and that our committed employees make all newcomers feel welcome. I encourage you to get to know other SE&T people throughout the organization. We are one company and one people, dedicated to doing one job: “Making products that users consider the best in the world!” The combination of continuing innovations, quality products, lean thinking, and a strong corporate family structure, coupled with SE&T’s outstanding people, holds the promise of a bright future for SE&T. During this year of Thanksgiving I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for. Primarily among them is our talented group of employees. Thank you for the work you do to make our agency great. Without your commitment, creativity, and high standards, we would not be the thriving company we are. I wish you a Thanksgiving filled with abundance and bright moments. You and your co-workers have worked hard this year, and your dedication has paid off. Every quarter our financials look better and better. Thank you for your hard work and positive attitude. Have a joyful, abundant life ahead.
CEO & Chairmain
Mr. Abbad Farooq
Shahzad Enterprises & Technologies

What We Do ?

SE TECHNOLOGIES is providing currently complete solution industrial Innovations, Lets Suppose if any customer wants to stand new factory for snacks production line or Biscuits production line so SE & TECHNOLOGIES will play main role to suggest machinery, import machinery, installation machinery, product development, Flavors development, After sale services , in fact from Raw Material to Finish Product is main Role of SE & TECHNOLOGIES so Not only machinery selling. we have Food technologist plus R & D department they can develop taste as per customer requirement and engineers to maintains or services of machinery. We deal in all industrial planning & arrangements to stand new factories with team work of our 80 Service Engineers Team members to target multi Industrial products installations.

Our Mission

Our mission is very clear – provide best and fully tested products and solutions for our customers SE&T is enjoying a very good customer services reputation by its large team of highly skilled, experienced and professional technical associates. We are helping our customer to reduce the and bring efficiencies into their mission critical operation by reducing the downtime of production lines by 24X7 onsite/resident customer services engineers and adequate stock of spares.

Our History

Since 1991, Shahzad Enterprises & Technologies (SE&T) is providing wide verity of technologies base products and services to Dairy, Confectionary, Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pipe industries, Cables industries throughout Pakistan. From day of our inceptions our focus is to provide efficient, reliable and high quality solutions to our customers through long list of internationally renowned technical partners.

Our Partners

Mian Ehsan-ul-Haq Ms. Thu Duong Abbad Farooq Rana Waqas
(Visited Mylan Group in Vietnam with Team)

Abbad Farooq Mr. Philips
Visited Conveying Tech in Switzerland

Mr. Tan Meow Tung, Mr. NG, Mr. Abbad Farooq , Mr. Musawer Ali
During Exhibition in 2014