Biscuits Plants Machinery

We take pride in our Biscuits Plants Machinery for being exclusively efficient and producing a higher yield. In the designing of food equipment and production lines, we are improving every day for consumers’ satisfaction. We have innovative and advanced equipment to fulfill your needs with modern solutions. The use of excellent materials and skilled labor ensure that you will achieve the desired output in optimum time.

Efficiency is the secret of greater yield. Therefore, we make all efforts to supply machines and equipment that manifolds your production. SE Technologies have a vast range of production lines for manufacturing different designs of biscuits that suits your business. We are striving to play our part in setting up modern industry.

What Do We Provide?


  • Automated Machines

We have fully automated biscuits production lines that will make your work ten times faster and easier. You don’t need to do anything manually. Everything is controllable with the system installed. Therefore, you can keep a track of the process via monitoring everything on the devices attached. Using this advanced automated technology, you only have to set the targets once before the process begins. From mixing, baking, cooling, to packaging, all processes will be completed under the set commands. Isn’t it what you want for your business?

  • Customized Services

We aim to meet your expectations by having your back in all conditions. We understand the requirements of different businesses. Therefore, we have biscuits production lines that can help produce biscuits of various shapes and sizes. So, despite worrying about anything, you can approach us, and we will try our best to provide you with a customized solution.

With the personalized experience of our services, you can get any style of biscuits manufactured in your facility, whether it is wafer biscuits, cookies, sandwich-style biscuits, etc.


Snacks Food Extruder & Lay’s type Chips Machinery

Our Snacks food extruder and lay’s type chips machinery are designed after great research and efforts. They are manufactured to fulfill the requirements of various companies. We can meet your commercial needs, whether it is for small-scale or large-scale production.

Our highly advanced and curated snacks production lines enable you to produce food extruders of versatile shapes and designs. You can bake puffed and hollow rolls or cakes and fill them with different fillings like chocolate, cream, butter, etc. We also present you with different filling solutions for particular fillings and cuts. With our high-end machinery, you can produce yummy and nutritious chips, noodles, protein bars, and many other snacks.

Why Choose Us?

  • Low Consumption

Our machinery saves you both time and money. Its low energy consumption property benefits you in saving on your energy expenses. Otherwise, operating advanced machines is not as easy as it seems.

  • High Productivity

We have efficient Lay’s type chips machinery that provides you high output in less time. The greater the yield more will be the profit.

With low energy consumption and higher yield, our Snacks food extruder is a win-win.

  • Easy-to-use

Our biscuits production lines are easy to operate, and hence, you don’t have to go through complex steps. They are not only easy but also safe to use. Therefore, it also reduces the chances of accidents or damage to the property.

  • Bulk Production

For commercial purposes, bulk production is very crucial. Therefore, we have designed this machinery in a way that it can operate for maximum cycles without any halt.

  • Customized Services

Our chips machinery also provide you with customization in its performance. You can opt for the size, shape, and design of your preference that will suit your business requirements.