Food Processing

Food Processing - The Widest inhouse range

Our range of production lines are as flows:
1 Fried and Roasted various type of nuts with/without shells, skins, seasoning or coating.
2 Potato Chips Processing line output capacity 150,200,300kg/hrs finished product; plain or crinkle.
3 Fortune Cookies with fortune telling paper inserted inside.
4 Fish fryer output capacity 400kg/hr.
5 Extrude automatic system with two loading cylinders.
6 Egg washing and breaking machine.
7 Pellet fryer with of without oil separator.
8 Individual equipment such as Slicer ,Peeler ,Heat Exchanger and Fryer.
9 We also fabricate equipment tailor to your needs and specifications.
10 Full range of packaging machine for big and small bags, vertical packing.

Volumetric cups, with or without conveyor and elevator with or without multi-head weighed.

All our equipment is designed in a way that is easy to operate and maintain with high output to achieve your satisfaction with reliable service support.
We will continue to update and upgrade our technology with a strict management to fulfill our target. We have a team of qualified technicians to provide after sales service to our prospective customer base.

Our equipment’s has been exported to Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand ,Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt and Hongkong. In China our equipment are sold in Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong cities and Kunming.

In order to provide quality machineries to serve out customers better.
This has been out company motto.

Fabricated Potato Chips Line with capacity 200kgs/hr

  • Batch—Type Homogenizer Mixer
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Dough scrap recycle twin—shaft mixer
  • Dough Feeder Conveyor belt
  • Double Roller Sheeted & Rotary Cutter
  • Continuous Fryer
  • Powder seasoning application
  • Cooling and stacking Belt
  • Electrical control panel

Fresh potato chips processing line

  • Feeder conveyor Peeler
  • Slicer elevator
  • SIicer
  • Potato slicer starch washer
  • Hot water blancher & conveyor
  • Air dryer conveyor belt
  • Fryer
  • Filter with rotating screen
  • OiI tank
  • De-oiI & sorting conveyor belt
  • Seasoning tumbler
  • Cooling Conveyor belt
  • Electrical Control Switchboard

Potato ring/stick/flat direct extruder &frying processing line,capacity:200kgs/hr

  • High Speed with blade Blender
  • Sheeter
  • Continuous Fryer
  • Hot Oil Continuous Filtering System
  • 0iI Service Tank
  • Cooling Conveyor Belt
  • Sorting & de-oiling Conveyor Belt
  • Seasoning Drum & Vibrator Applicator
  • Electrical Control Panel Switch Box

Hexagon potato chip/triangle corn chip processing line,capacity:200kgs/hr

  • Operators Platforms & Feeder Conveyor
  • Extruder
  • Fryer
  • Hot Di I Continuous Filtering System
  • 0i I Service Tank
  • Cooling Conveyor Belt
  • Sorting & de-oiling Conveyor Belt
  • Season i ng Drum & Vibrator Applicator
  • Electrical Control Panel Switch Box

Snack Food Processing Line

High speed homogenous mixer, model: ML200L

min: 100kgs/batch, /max: 150kgs/batch
Electricity: 3 phase, 50hz, 415 volts.
Power: 15kw/95 amp
AM/Supply line: 50mm2
Mixing output: 200kgs/batch
Drying mixing time: 2-4min
Mixing speed: 80/12Ormp

Pelletinuts(coated or without coating)/ Green pea frying line

Vibration feeder
Continuous fryer & heat exchanger
Oil tank
Cooling conveyor
Seasoning applicator
Seasoning drum
Control panel

Compound Seasoning

Various Flavors

We have available a wide range of compound seasonings

For various applications such as:

(1)        Snack foods (Potato Chips, Extruded and Puffed Snacks, Rice Cracker,                Etc.)

(2)         Instant Noodles.

(3)         Stock and Soup Powders.

(4)         Processed Mists.

(5)         Frozen Foods.

(6)         Bakery and savory Biscuits.

(7)         New Product Development as per customer’s requirements

More than 300 seasoning flavors are our current R & D but still we have capacity to design the Flavors as per customer’s needs.  We have most special seasoning flavors Like BBQ, THAI CHILI, HOT & SOUR, MASALA & many more…

We have a wide range of oil soluble, micro -encapsulated and mixed powder flavors for various applications:

(1)          Bakery: Oil base, Encapsulation and Powdered Flavor for biscuits and bread and cookies.

(2)          Confectionary: Oil Base, Water base, Emulsified, Encapsulation flavor for hard candies, soft candies and chewing gum.

(3)          Drinks and Beverages: Oil base, Water base and emulsified flavor for carbonated, juices and jelly products.

(4)          Ice Cream and Ice lolly: Oil base, Water base flavor for milk base or non -base ice cream and ice lolly.

(5)          Dairy: Oil Base, Water base flavor for dairy products.

(6)          Customized Flavor.