RYNAN 1000

"The most reliable and compact Thermal Inkjet Coder for packaging printing on the market"


Plug and print with HP45 ink cartridge (Hewlett Packard TIJ2.5 inkjet technology) Dimensions (LxWxH): 106x53x83mm / 4.17×2.09×3.27in Weight: 530g (excluding cartridge) Power Supply: AC 100V — 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.0A Maximum Power Consumption: 30W Mounting Brackets: Anti -shock mounting mechanism for printer protection Throw Distance: Up to 6mm


Languages: English (default), German, French, Spanish, Finnish and Vietnamese Fonts: Anal (default), Times New Roman, Tahoma Character Heights: Default of 12.7mm for 1 line and 3.8mm for 2 lines. Different character heights are available for loading. Printability: Alphanumeric, logos, date/time, expiry date, numeric, shift code, and static barcodes Resolutions: 300x300dpi Print speed: 76m/min 300x300dpi Up to 5 levels of optical density

At RYNAN Technologies, we develop innovative products that allow our customers to operate more efficiently and sustainably. We are devoted to creating the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the industries we serve, including coding and marking, printing, packaging, and medical. Headquartered in Singapore, RYNAN Technologies understands the needs of customers in the fast growing, dynamic markets in Asia and around the globe. RYNAN is invested in the research and development of leading edge technology to continually build on our diverse portfolio of products, which currently includes thermal inkjet and Piezo inkjet variable data printers, ink solutions, and offset CTP plates.

Standard Features 

WiFi connection via smart phones and tablets using Android and iOS operating systems USB keyboard direct connection, no PC required Built-in slot for SD card for easy loading of firmware and fonts Built-in photo sensor AUX I/O port for external photo sensor and alarm kit connection Nozzle switching and self-cleaning capabilities to extend cartridge lifetime Automatic data back-up system Store unlimited number of messages on your mobile device and up to 15 messages in the printer’s memory Password protection (accessible via keyboard and mobile device) and event log on mobile device to report operation history Automatic recognition of inks (aqueous or solvent) and application of appropriate printing parameters.


HydraJET®2016 series — Aqueous inks for porous media – 42mL HydraJE72020 series—Aqueous ink for porous and semi -porous media -42mL HydraJET02030 series —Aqueous inks for marking eggshells – 42mL SoluJET82701R — Red solvent ink for semi- and non -porous media — 35mL SoluJET82704B — Blue solvent ink for semi- and non -porous media — 35mL SoluJET®2705K — Black solvent ink for semi- and non -porous media — 35mL Mounting accessories are available at www.rynantech.com


Operating temperature between 5°C and 50°C 12 -month limited warranty