If you are a chips manufacturer looking for high-quality equipment to produce chips, we are here. At SE Technologies, we have complete fresh chips production line to ensure you get the desired output. We have fully automatic chip manufacturing equipment with durability and high-end performance.

What Does Our Chips Production Line Feature?

Following are the important features of our fresh chips production line, making it a must-have for all chips manufacturers:

✓ Made of stainless steel 304

✓ Low fuel consumption

✓ Easy-to-use

✓ Large output

✓ Save time and labor

✓ High turn over ratio

✓ Durable

✓ Cost-effective

Multifunctional Usage

This fully automatic and sophisticated equipment is worth to invest. Besides its amazing features, it also helps you in producing a variety of chips with a single equipment.

Using this highly efficient production line, you can produce various chips without compromising the quality and taste.

This complete fresh chips production line supports producing:

✓ Potato chips

✓ Potato crisps

✓ French fries

✓ Sweet potatoes

✓ Banana chips, etc.

One Equipment, Multiple Benefits

Also, this whole unit comprises different machines to perform individual functions required during the process. As it is automatic, you only have to set the limit for cutting thickness, frying temperature, and other requirements.

Now, you can sit and relax while watching the potatoes converting into fresh chips, crisps, or french fries in our production line. Peeling, washing, slicing, picking, frying, and packaging everything will be done automatically.

Delicious, fresh, and nutritious chips are now ready to sell in the market.

So, you may now understand why this chips production line is the best equipment to get the job done.