Tetra Pak Milk Caps, Services & Spares Parts

Tetra Pak products, since introduced have gained popularity worldwide. They are all good from the perspective of safety, hygiene, and convenience. Therefore, mostly the food powders and beverages that come in Tetra Pak packaging are preferred by the consumers.

Seeing the rise in trend of buying Tetra Pak products, several companies have switched to this packaging to achieve their optimal revenue target. Ultimately, the need of Tetra Pak milk caps, services, and spare parts has also been increased. For those who are dedicated to upgrade their Tetra Pak products and packaging, we have a wide range of production lines and equipment. You will have a wholesome experience of the high-end machinery, packaging, and service at very competitive price.

The Most Sustainable Packaging

Tetra Pak is known for its sustainability and highly environment-friendly nature. Since tetra Pak cartons are recyclable, they reduce the net waste.

Supports A Number of Products

Tetra Pak isn’t only sustainable, but it is also a very efficient packaging for various food products. Whether you are producing infant’s or adult’s formula milk, juice, yoghurt, or any other beverage, tetra pak ensures to maintain the standards of safety, hygiene, and shelf life. It decreases the chances of cross contamination from other products and contamination from microbes and dust in the air.

A Few Glimpses

Let’s look upon a few things that you will get here.

Milk Caps

We have various types of milk caps that will suit your packaging needs. They are:

  • One-step opening
  • Two-step opening
  • Tethered caps
  • Flip caps
  • Resalable screwcaps


We can provide you services for the maintenance, training, and assure that your production line is operating without any obstacle.

Spare Parts

Besides our high-quality equipment and services, you can also rely on us for tetra Pak spare parts.